Oink, Oink - My Crazy Farm

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Oink, Oink - My Crazy Farm

Oink, Oink – My Crazy Farm, features innovative gameplay, fun graphics and hours of entertainment for children and the entire family. In more than 70 original levels across three wild game worlds, players must capture and separate runaway farm animals.You need the right amount of skill, strategy and speed to build fences and herd the animals back to where they belong. And make sure you don’t touch any of them, even just a little...

Beastly action after the storm.
A storm has damaged the old enclosures in the farm.The pigs, cows, sheep and chickens are running
amok. You must build new fences as quickly as possible to put the animals back in the right place!
Draw lines across the screen with your finger to make new fences appear. The ends must connect to
the other fences and form an enclosed space.The enclosures cannot be placed just anywhere on the field.
You need to put up new fences until all the farm animals have been captured in areas where they belong.
The big challenge: the animals are running wild all over the place, and you have to avoid touching them while you build the fences!

Oink Oink – My Crazy Farm requires skill, strategy and, above all, speed! The faster all the animals are fenced
in, the more stars are earned at the end of each level. Each time the player touches an animal while building fences, they lose a star.

Funny, detailed cartoon - style graphics are used throughout the game to depict the more than 70 original levels and three different worlds. While initially the player only has to fence in one or more animals, as the game progresses additional elements are included, such as ramps, tyres or barns.

Hours of fun for young and old Oink Oink – My Crazy Farm offers the best entertainment for all ages. The addictive principle of the game is explained in detail in the first levels and the increasing difficulty makes players
think while at the same time not being overly demanding. The game’s short levels are suitable for both long
sessions at home and a quick game on the go. By connecting to Game Center, players can also
compare their highscores with other players around the world and compete for a position in the

Oink, Oink – My Crazy Farm features:

- Over 70 fun levels in three different worlds
- An innovative gaming experience
- Beautiful graphics
- A simple fencing mechanism
- Cute animals who want to get back home
- Earn a position in the leaderboards and compete against players all over the world
- No ads and no in - app purchases, Parental gates to control external content
- Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Action & Adventure , Casual Games , Entertainment , Family & Children , Family

Nominated for: 2014 Early Fall AwardsBest Children's App

Price: $ 2.99



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