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Parent Sense

Parent Sense is the all-in-one baby app that takes the guesswork out of parenting. The first year of a baby's life is full of growth, development and changes. Even the most adoring parents aren't born knowing exactly how to care for a baby or how their development impacts on their routine, sleep, nutritional needs, milestone development or health. Parent Sense was founded by Occupational Therapists, baby specialist and author of 8 parenting books, Meg Faure. Meg has made her parenting content even more accessible by giving parents convenient, science-backed guides and information for modern parenting in the real world. Using the app, parents can track their baby's sleep schedule, log feeds - including times, quantities and feeding method. It's also a quick and easy way to keep track of their baby's weight, vaccinations and milestones. This smart tracking is available in the Freemium version of the app that uses the tracked data to customise a flexible routine based on the baby's information. The tracking alone helps parents to spot trends in
their baby's growth and stage of development. The data can be used to help parents to know what to expect and/or in conjunction with a healthcare professional. For access to expert guidance, credible age-appropriate content, daily tips and a step-by-step weaning guide, meal plans and recipes from the best-selling Weaning Sense book, parents can subscribe to a quarterly or annual subscription to help them make the most of their baby's first year. Meg Faure's books, ebooks, echapters and online parenting courses are also available as in-app purchases for both Freemium and subscribed users.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Family & Children

Nominated for: 2022 April AwardsBest New Mobile App

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