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Piquoti is the social media of eternal stories. Each days, 500 millions of stories are published in social medias. However, 75% of these people have been frustrated at least once because they missed a story published yesterday by a friend, or because they can't see anymore a story captured during a past event. Moreover, 100% of companies say that the ephemeral character of stories is a shortfall, and they would be ready to pay an influencer more for a promotional eternal story. This is why we invented Piquoti : we save every stories shared by our user is its profile, to allow its followers to view and review all of them when they want, event after 24 hours ! We also allow users to create common stories to save and centralize every photos and videos shared by its participants.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2020 Overall Awards
Silver Award
Best Mobile App of 2020

Price: Free

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