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Plantum (ex-NatureID) helps identify plants, plant diseases, and provides care recommendations. Thanks to AI technology, the app can identify over 15,000 plant species, diagnose their states, and give specified care advice on how to choose soil, water, and fertilize plants, set appropriate temperature conditions, and more. We make content in collaboration with expert botanists. The total number of downloads is 20M+.

What can users do with the help of Plantum?

– Identify any plants, rocks, insects, and mushrooms by photo
– Read botanic information
– Use Plant Guide on:
pests, and diseases.
– Receive care and treatment tips and diagnose plants
– Ask plant experts
– Set watering, misting, rotating, and fertilizing reminders
– Use a weather tracker
– Measure light levels with an in-app light meter
– Measure the size of the plant pot
– Estimate the optimal amount of moisture and watering frequency
– Explore useful articles and videos from expert botanists
– Search for plants according to parameters (heigh, maintenance, pet-toxic, etc.) for iOS


The app has been featured in 170+ countries on Google Play in categories of Education, Discover, and Science.
Our botanist experts have given comments about plant care for such well-known media as Homes & Gardens, Customer Reports, and Fox News.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2023 - Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of 2023

Price: Free

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