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Founded in 2020, Playsee is the designated social media platform for neighborhood-centric discovery. Through highlighting everyday moments of people, places and events in each neighborhood with the app’s interactive map, Playsee has seen a significant increase in people engaging with community content and sharing experiences from their daily lives. These local experiences provide a sense of belonging and familiarity to users and thus bring neighborhood connections closer.

- Since its launch in 2020, the app has gained significant popularity and accumulated over 30 million users worldwide

- Over 1 billion user engagement generated worldwide

- Within two years of development, the app has skyrocketed in rankings to reach the top 2 in the short videos category (

Playsee does not have any filters and encourages users to share authentic moments. Instead of promoting polished content based on aesthetics, the algorithms and UIUX are designed for users to navigate the area they are located in, and take part in neighborhood experiences through short videos captured by others in the same area called Spots, or join discussion boards and engage in local chats to satisfy their curiosity for things happening around them.

Playsee features include:

Playsee Boards is a neighborhood feed inspired by community bulletin boards that allow users to join in on local discussion topics and connect with others in their area, tailored to the user’s location and personal interests. This feature unifies personalized content relevant to local communities, making it easier for users to connect with others in their neighborhood.

Playsee Spots are videos that users share that allow others to see what’s happening in their neighborhood. Users can immerse in visual and auditory neighborly experiences and discover new experiences and places in their community.

Playsee Search is a central hub for people to local search and discover everything they need to know about their neighborhood with the most relevant and relatable Playsee Boards and Spots. Our interactive Search feature allows users to search, scroll, and also explore content on a map and content feed shared by locals. The locals always give the best advice because they live where you do and live through similar experiences. Our feature allows users to search locally to find the most useful and relevant content and suggestions shared from people that live right in their neighborhood.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2022 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2022

Price: Free

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