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Pod is the first app to allow people to easily find and connect with each other based on proximity and interest. In order to do this Pod uses mapping technology and elastic search capability. With this approach Pod has created the Worlds largest location sharing community. Pod is the next generation of social networking. The first generation of social media apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn made us take our networks of friends and family and put them online, and you can see a generation of people across the world spending more time staring at a phone than talking live with friends. This created perhaps the loneliest generation of all time, with over 20% of millennials reporting they have NO friends. Pod is on a mission to bring people together. We want to help people meet and stay in touch. Meeting new people is one of the most basic phycological human needs and we have seen this with the rapid adoption of Pod across the world. Pod currently has around 5 million members in over 200 countries worldwide. Pod members are very active. Just over 61 million P2P connections have taken place through Pod and currently Approx. 40,000 invites per day are sent between members. One of the big challenges of LinkedIn and other first generation social media networks is that they encouraged us to work within our own networks and hence there is a startling lack of diversity within the network groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Jeff Weiner the outgoing CEO of LinkedIn commented on this. Pod seeks to help people create strong and diverse networks based on shared interests and proximity.

The innovation behind Pod is the simplicity of the interface and ability to find and connect with other people, groups and events. Pod uses machine learning to determine the best matches for people in local groups, events and people to network with.

Pod – Who Will You Meet Today?

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2020 Winter Awards
Silver Award
Best Designed Mobile App

Price: Free

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