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There is currently no seamless way to efficiently share your details
with your network and businesses at the tap of a button
Business databases degrades at the rate of 3% to 6% per month
Information contained in a customer contact database will get out of
date over time and clutter will accumulate

It's time to give your customer and prospect databases a thorough
check and a viable way of increasing accuracy and declutter

Our solution: Pushdot. One app that cleanly and efficiently shares, updates and communicates with your network and favorite businesses.
A seamless information exchange solution & process to systematically verify or update each contact's details that were specifically shared.
Too frequent updates may annoy the customer, while too little increases the likelihood of consumer disengagement

Our USPs
1) One platform that stores all your contact details (social platforms,personal or work info)

2) Autosync shared contact capabilities for both users & businesses

3) Clean, simple and minimalistic UI and user journey

4) API for companies – database automatically updated (monetization)

5) integration with major CRM's- More efficient Customer Acquisition -
Loyalty - retention

6) Provide analytics to businesses such as consumer behavior and habits

We have in app chatting capabilities for professional users

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: Summer AwardsBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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