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pxl on demand

The pxl on demand app is revolutionizing corporate learning. In our original in-person program, it took hours of preparation from the subject matter experts and organizations to deliver the program. After we developed a scalable out-of-the-box solution, we were able to deliver 6,939 hours of employee learning that year to 14 different cities. That’s an average of 1,735 hours per quarter. While impactful, we are limited by the number of offices, individuals, and topics we could cover with an in-person program. By leveraging a mobile app and investing time with experts to develop the pxl on demand content, we can scale training faster to our entire network of employees. In the first quarter after the launch of pxl on demand, we delivered over 3,000 hours of employee learning. That’s a 73% increase in quarterly training hours, and we’re just getting started. Not only are there more hours of learning, but it’s also reached a wider audience and covers more topics.
Over 75,000 pxl on demand units have been completed since the launch, reaching people in over 90 different cities across the globe. This wide reach and on-demand learning in bite-sized pieces is making an immediate positive impact on how we work within the organization and with our clients, which will have a direct impact on business results. It will result in strengthened internal capabilities, evolved client relationships, and an invigorated workforce that is curious and passionate about creating meaningful digital experiences for our clients – and speaking the same digital language.
By moving learning into the digital space, it allows us to scale our proprietary content across the globe, while providing integrated gaming elements, so that everyone in the McCann Worldgroup network is always one swipe away from being up-to-date with our approach to all things digital. This is cost-effective as it’s available anytime and anywhere with no face-to-face delivery costs.
All our employees now have access to the learning at the point of need which increases their value to the business and to their own career.
pxl on demand is unique solution that is tailored to McCann Worldgroup’s needs. We are the only network of agencies that has created such a robust curriculum for learning anytime and anywhere by collaborating with a range of experts from all around the network. This collective of subject matter experts is helping build relationships within the organization and spark collaboration between agencies. In addition, there have already been requests from our leaders and clients to provide the app to clients in order to educate them on our methods and tools.
pxl on demand also takes accessibility into account, it provides a text-to-speech feature for those who prefer audio or have difficulties reading in the language. Learners can pin any of the content to their profile to review later or share with other employees. Furthermore, it has additional features implemented within the app, such as glossary which helps learners to get more familiar with the terminology. For those who want to take a break from their day, the design team has created a feature to help learners relax and recharge by listening to relaxing music and watching animated images designed to calm their mind. The design, language and tone of voice is informal, relaxed and engaging.
Included in the app is a pre-subject quiz feature which tailors the content to the learner by focusing on their knowledge gaps, saving their time. It also directs them to McCann Worldgroup tools and templates that are available for downloading from the app a glossary and external resources. This allows for further exploration on a topic that has sparked their curiosity providing more learning through different channels, either with articles, videos, worksheets etc.
pxl on demand is more than e-learning, it’s an interactive learning solution that’s breaking all traditional training rules and bringing in engaging learning to the corporate world by applying gaming designs and concepts like micro-learning. It’s powered by gamified elements such as ‘swiping’ through content, badges to win, quizzes, quick games, levels, various scenarios, activities created to practice your knowledge and more.
Digital is integrated into everything we do today at McCann Worldgroup, and now the pxl on demand on-the-go resource will keep all McCann Worldgroup employees informed, and up-to-date with the increasingly complex digital landscape. ?

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Windows Phone

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2019 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2019

Price: Free

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