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The ResidentPortal app provides a convenient way for apartment residents to pay rent, submit maintenance orders with photos, and communicate with your apartment community all from your mobile phone.

Residents have the ability to pay rent with a single tap, manage one-time or recurring rent payments and receive rent reminder push notifications with the app.ResidentPortal App Features:

Home Automation - Control your locks, lights, thermostat, and cameras with pre-programmed routines.
Make a One Time Payment - Easily submit a one time payment with the same trusted payment platform you have always used.
Add/Delete Recurring Payments - Easily schedule new auto-payments, ensuring your rent will never be late.
Pay with Voice Pay - Quickly pay rent by searching 'Pay My Rent' in Spotlight Search to go directly to the app's payment screen.
One-Tap Pay - Pay rent with a single tap on your smartphone. The app remembers your last payment method used and knows your exact balance due.
Rent Notify - Receive push notifications, reminding you to pay rent.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Take a picture of your card using your phone's camera to pay your rent.
Touch ID Login - After initial setup, securely log in to the app by scanning your finger print
3D Touch Support - Quickly pay rent, submit a maintenance request, or view your balance by tapping and holding the app icon.
Submit Maintenance Requests - Quickly submit your emergency by text or voice, along with photos and other details.
Complete Move-In Inspections - Complete the inspection the same-day, without having to mail it in and worry if management will receive it.
See Payment and Maintenance History - Quickly recall your full ledger and history, and check the status of your open requests.
Become More Involved with your Community - Have the rental office at your fingertips 24/7!

Since the launch of the app in December 2015 we've collected over $1 billion dollars in rent payments through the app, which amounts to over 1 million payments for 195,245 renters. And, there is much evidence to suggest that apartment residents are enjoying their experience and engaging with the app more than ever before:

The ResidentPortal App has been enjoying more and more users every month. The ResidentPortal App now has nearly 200,000 monthly active users. These are users that log into the app and do something in it - for instance, make a payment or submit a maintenance request.
The iOS version is three months shy of being two years old and the Android version is one year old.
The most popular feature is payments, followed by maintenance and messages.
The average session lasts 2 minutes and 6 seconds. This is about 30 seconds shorter from what it was a year ago. This was expected, as we gained more users and as users familiarized themselves with the app. For more context, submitting a payment takes just 8 seconds.
From 1 year ago, we saw a 11% drop in time spent on the make a payment page at the same time we saw an increase of 215% for page views for that screen. Maintenance we saw a drop of almost 40% in the amount of time it took someone to submit a maintenance request but saw a 219% increase in maintenance requests submitted.
Anecdotally, we get evidence from user reviews that many of these users switched from making a payment with a check to making it electronically.

With over 4,000 reviews, the app has held a 4.5 star rating since its relaunch in 2016 in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Here's a few comments from some of the 5-star reviewers:

“This is the first time I have used resident portal to pay my rent. On the 1st of the month I receive a reminder on my phone that it is time to pay my rent. When I gq2o to the app it sings me in using my finger print. Then, all I have to do is click pay and it's done. I also like the feature where I can review my payment history. So easy!" - WhitSpit4ever

“Ease of use is through the roof. I travel for work so the convenience of being able to pay in app anytime, anywhere is noticeably impactful. Very smooth - easy account recognition and picks up favored payment option. No fuss." - Juju0819

“Makes paying my rent super easy! Also...kudos to the designer of this app, one of the best looking UI I have ever seen. Honestly, it's kind of unfortunate that I only interface with this app for a few seconds per month because it is such a joy to look at, you wish you had more to do on it so that you could look at and interface with it more. Gorgeous app!"

“I work crazy hours and have busy weekends so making it to the office before closing is a task. I love being able to pay my rent online with no fee. I also love being able to make maintenance requests quickly from my phone. Great app…" - Kamaya Walker

“Simple but useful, well-designed app. A pleasant surprise! I often find that niche line of business companion apps like this are poorly designed and rarely updated, perhaps because the actual end users had no say in which software system was chosen by their management company. They're then locked into the app, and with little threat of competition, the developer let's the app suffer from bugs and poor design. But clearly, that's not the case with Entrata." - benjherb

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Other

Nominated for: 2017 Late-Summer ContestBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: FREE

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