Respekt Beauty Meditation

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Respekt Beauty Meditation

Respekt Beauty Meditation(formerly BEAUTITATION).

Meditate for your beauty! Improve your skin health and beauty routine by incorporating stress relieving meditation techniques and mindfulness into your daily beauty routine.

Respekt Beauty Meditation is the world’s first beauty-focused mediation app and is developed by a natural skincare company, Respekt San Francisco®. As much as good ingredients matter, stress management and mindfulness of skincare play a huge role in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

The concept of our beauty meditation and the meditation contents are created and developed by our team of a medical doctor and meditation teachers who have witnessed the true effects and benefits of mindfulness of skincare.

Stress is one of the main causes for rapid premature aging of the skin and free radicals that is harmful to the skin and health. More than 30 % of skin problems are caused by psychological factors. Meditation is one of the proven ways to reduce stress/cortisol secretion and slow down free radical production and premature aging.

Skincare routine is a perfect opportunity to build the habit of mindfulness into your daily life. We made meditations simple and easily applicable.

Respekt Beauty Meditation does not reflect any particular diagnosis or course of treatment. It is meant as a tool to help enhance the user’s overall beauty by relieving daily stress and helping practice mindfulness in the beauty routine and build mindful skincare habits.

-Over 200+ Meditation Sessions, Music & ASMRs
-Interactive RELAX and FOCUS session buttons for instant effects
-Meditation sessions to apply mindfulness to actual beauty routines
-Stress Self Assessment to test current stress levels to be more mindful to everyday life and beauty routines
-Stress Self Assessment feature adapts the Perceived StressScale(PSS) developed by S.Cohen et al. which is the most widely used psychological instrument to measure the perception of stress.
-Follow-along skincare sessions
-Meditations for Beginners
-Meditation to appreciate the beauty of each age stages
-Short sessions for quick and effective stress relief for skin benefits
-Simple and easy User Interface
-Quick Beauty and Confidence Boost
-Beauty Self Care Routine
-Calm & Relax Music
-Soothing sounds & fun ASMRs
-Track your sessions and time

* Basic Beauty Meditation
* Stress Free Beautiful Skin
* Moisturizing Meditation
* Anti-Aging Lymphatic Massage Meditation
* Brightening Meditation
* Makeup Meditation
* Meditation for Anxiety
* Body Scan Practice
* Relaxing Face Yoga: Stretching
* Meditations for Women
* Stress Relief
* Mindfulness
* Affirmations
* Beauty Quotes
* One of a Kind Beauty
* Beauty Sleep
* When Using a Face Sheet Mask
* Caring for Your Neck
* After Sun Cooling Down
* Stress-Free Beautiful Skin
* What to Wear Today
* Beautiful Goal
* Pretty is as Pretty Does
* Shower Meditation
* Going Through Monthly Period: Menstrual
* After a Hangover
* When Folding Laundry
* Brushing My Hair
* Confidence Breeds Beauty
* Deep Relaxation
* Skinimalist
* Transcendental Meditations
* Body, Mind, and Spirit
* Healthy Eating
* 2 Minute Stretching
* White Noises
* and more

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Other

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2022 April AwardsBest New Mobile App 2021 April AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Monthly Subscription

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