SafetyScope App

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SafetyScope App

the first of it's kind ,Emergency Video and Call Recording Application That Will Allow The User To Record A video During The Two Way Call ,Not Only That But It Will Save The Video Of The Emergency In The Clouds And Also Send Copy Of The Video To Your Super Trusted Contact Automatically As Soon As The Video Recording Stops It Will Also Allow You To Share The Video With 4 Other Trusted Contacts ,The Video Is Time And Geolocation Stamped So You Loved One Will Know Where Is Your Location ,The App Also Have The Stealth Mode Feature That Will Allow The User To Record The Video Call Discreetly So No One Will Know That You Are Recording The Emergency And Your Super Trusted Contact Will Get The Video Link Time And Geolocation Stamped Of Your Emergency Situation So That They Will Alert The Police About Your Emergency Situation And Get You The Help You Need. I Think This Application Will Solve A lot Of Our Problems Specially These Days The Way We Behave Toward Each Other Will Change Because The Proof Is On The Video And The Video Is The Proof Case Closed

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Other

Nominated for: 2021 May AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Free

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