Sammy The Salmon

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Sammy The Salmon

With many studies to prove that the first five (5) years of a child's life are imperative to early childhood development, Sammy The Salmon will aid in those critical years in both direct and subtle indirect ways. It will help a young child become someone who knows life is important, full of opportunities (even at a young age) and how to "step up" - take action, be brave and have faith.

Even more important is that any parent -or grandparent- can read along and interact with the story helping to mould and build those fundamental relationships that act as a solid foundation and help shape and shift a young child as they learn and grow in those early and extremely important developmental years.

With gorgeously stunning, jaw-dropping graphics and incredible animation, Sammy the Salmon is one of those few, rare apps that almost hypnotizes and pulls you into another world. Combine that with the inspiring story-line, this is one of those amazing apps that is hard not to go back to, time after time after time.

Once in the hands of a child, good luck getting it out. Their little fingers will tap, pat, glide 'swoosh' and swipe on the screen while they get different reactions from the app in both a visual and auditory response. They will be momentarily hooked into the story which can be read out loud by a parent during bonding time. Or, depending on the age of the child, can be read by themselves. There is also the option for the story to be aired on the app itself by a lovely, softly spoken male narrator. This works well for those busy moments when parents might not have the time to read with the child but still want the story to be told along with the interaction.

With 12 long months of passion, strong determination, commitment and dedication, Sammy The Salmon is now in the App Store (for iPads) and on Google Play for Android tablets.

We are looking forward to putting Sammy The Salmon into the hands of as many young children as possible and allowing them to go on a journey and discover what it means (and how) to follow your dreams and be brave. The overflow effect of this, is helping young children follow their dreams, building a strong foundation during the childhood development years.

This is all set to be accomplished while empowering parents to help do so with their children with the easability, usability and simplicity of this brand new, FUN, exciting and thrilling interactive app that has been built with tremendous heart and motivation.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education , Entertainment , Family & Children , Educational

Nominated for: 2015 Overall Awards
Gold Award
Best Mobile Game

Price: $4.49

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