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SecureME is an innovative kiosk (a common way to lock a device when it is used for a specific set of tasks) launcher for Android that has a wonderful set of security features to help enterprises. The solution/application allows organizations restrict access to only allowed applications/services on Android devices.

The application allows default home screen to be replaced with a customizable screen limiting users to access only a few selected apps. By not letting the user access unintended apps, unnecessary data usage or any unprofessional use of the device can be restricted or controlled.

Usually, a simple problem or ideas happen, and an innovation or product idea will come along that could be a pivotal change for a company. SecureME – Android Launcher and AppLocker is one such innovative product thought that came around based on a casual discussion during one of our fun team building activity.

Based on market analysis and business strategy – the team finally decided to put this on a story board and the process of ideation, execution of the planned roadmap took about 2 months to go live with an MVP version of the product on the Google Play Applications Store.
After the quick MVP Release - We were really surprised by the huge number of initial downloads and then understood that many users really wanted to secure their devices & private data.

The key innovative features of SecureME are:

• Single or Multiple Kiosk Modes
• Personalized Home Screen for Different Users
• Auto Launch
• Hide Apps
• Daily Time Limits
• Restricted Times
• Secured Kiosk Mode
• Secure Access

Real World Application of Product/Service

SecureME was launched on Google Play Applications Store in Q1-2019. Rated 3.9/5 and is available for download at:
SecureME has gotten the following awards/accolades so far.
1. Innovative App Award for Usability & Creativity by “App of the Day”
2. Outstanding & Creative App Award by “The Popular Apps”
3. Google Play - Ranking - Top 100 Apps - 3 Countries
4. Google Play - Ranking - Top 500 Apps - 40 Countries
5. Google Play - Ranking - Top 1000 Apps - 45 Countries

SecureME is a platform to protect user data and privacy. Users can set a simple kiosk mode and share devices to others without worrying about people getting to secured personal information on device. Multiple kiosk modes for different sets of users on a single device can be created.

SecureME helps companies get rid of unethical, unwanted use of company owned Android devices that can impact employee productivity, unnecessary data usage, distractions, and maintenance cost.

SecureME Advantages

• Productivity: By restricting access to specific apps, the kiosk mode helps users to focus on the task at hand, which in turn boosts the overall productivity and work efficiency of Employees in the workplace.
• Kiosk Mode: SecureME is enabled with a password protected kiosk mode that locks the screen for specific uses/users.
• Data Safety: By curbing users from accessing other unintended apps, confidential information cannot be accessed or shared.
• Data Security: With the help of SecureME, data can be distributed easily without any possibility of illegal use of the device.
• User Experience: SecureME, an android kiosk launcher provides enhanced user experience by having a personalized screen for users/employees.

SecureME – Real-Time Use cases

? Educational Institutions – Using SecureME, different kiosk modes can be created, and every mode can be customized as per every individual student’s requirement. It helps lockdown and hide all the unintended apps making sure that a student is more focused and does not explore any other unplanned activities.
? Enterprise Use - Distribute enterprise apps safely among the employees without any possibility of unethical / unprofessional and illegal use of the device. Have a personalized and dedicated home screen with the help of SecureME kiosk lockdown app that lets the employees use a device in a secure manner.
? Customer Payment, Feedback and Engagement – Now, the businesses can collect customer feedback or payment in a more authenticated way easily by providing a committed kiosk screen.
? Delivery applications in logistic companies - SecureME enables a dedicated platform for different drivers as per the delivery requirements. Restricts access to all the irrelevant apps or downloads providing more security.
? Parental Supervision - SecureME, lets you supervise the mobile accessibility of your kids. A parent can create different group of apps as per the need or the age of each child.

Company Name – UnfoldLabs Inc.

Company Overview - UnfoldLabs passion for Innovation and Technology has resulted in State-of-Art Award Winning Products. We also deliver Creative Product Development services that provide significant benefits for our customers with futuristic technologies with Better User Experience. UnfoldLabs has formed a true sustainable innovation culture with a mission to make a difference in the world!

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Other

Nominated for: 2022 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2022

Price: Free

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