Sing! Karaoke

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Sing! Karaoke

With Sing! Karaoke, singing with friends around the world has never been easier.
Users can choose from a selection of songs, sing into their iPhone mic with the help of some on-screen guidance, then they get scored on their performance. That in and of itself is a fun experience, but things get more interesting and innovative is on the social side.
Sing users can invite other users to sing together, or they can search for songs to join. Once you decided to join, you can sing your own version of the song as you hear everyone else’s performance while singing your part. Also, if you’re particularly ambitious, you can tailor your performance to complement theirs. Users can also join another person to create a duet performance.
Once created, these performances can be sent via sing-a-gram (holiday card like singing message) or any of your social network such as Twitter and Facebook. We have been partnering with up-and-coming artists such as OK Go where users can sing a duet performance with OK Go's lead singer using Sing! app.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Entertainment , Media, Music & Video , Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2017 Summer Awards
Gold Award
Best Social / Lifestyle App 2014 Early Fall Awards
Silver Award
Best Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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