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Worldwide Collaborative Safety Website

Everybody can collaborate by sharing information about crimes such as theft and hold-ups, among other crimes and, therefore, map the city critical areas.

Authorities will always be informed in order to ensure even more our safety. 

Smaps will notify authorities always preserving the anonymity of the users’ identity.


You can:

Report an incident:

·         Collaborate by reporting an incident that has happened to you or somebody else in Brazil or in the world. The most reports we get the better;

·         Share an incident on social utilities and networks, while encouraging everyone to do the same and, therefore, make a more accurate map of a city's most critical areas;

·         Every incident will be reported to the authorities responsible for the safety in the area. We will be able to map each city most critical areas and require quicker and more concrete actions from authorities;

·         We will always have a more comprehensive database.  



·         Analyze the safest areas for your daily activities, as well as to visit and/or invest;

·         Find police departments, banks, hotels, restaurants, ATMs and the closest businesses, as well as incidents near them;

·         Select and analyze graphs by incidents and their period;

·         Select an incident from your search and share it with friends;

·         You will be able to really analyze the area you are going to.

Trace routes:

·         Select where you are and where you are going to, while viewing critical areas until you get to your final destination and allowing you to map the safest route to get there; 

·         You will always be able to map the best route to get to where you are going to.

Notify me:

·         You can register and receive Smaps information on incidents by period and area, in addition to type of incident;

·         Select various areas such as your work place, home, beach house and university, among others;

·         You will always be notified when something happens in the areas you have selected.

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