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Spot-on is an “I Spy” inspired app game played with friends. Players can test their talent by spotting famous people, places and things on their iOS devices. Spot-On allows users to put their pop culture knowledge to the test by typing what they spot and comparing results with friends. When a user matches words with their playing partner they earn points. They also earn gems to buy boosters. More badge and collectible elements will be added to future versions and gems will be used to unlock new levels.

When a user starts the game, they are shown photos to test their expertise in different categories (movies, TV, musicians, sports stars, etc). Users are then matched up with like-minded players in the different celebrity categories. Players identify as many things as possible in photos, and the best spotter wins.

When we started, we wanted to make a game that is casual/addictive (like the Candy crush games) but we did not want it to be just that, we wanted it to have a greater purpose. We love those silly time-waster games, and asked ourselves, what if I could be doing something good for the world at the same time as I played these games? That's when we combined our ideas for solving visual data problems with our passion for social mobile games. Games that we can play with a friend.

Spot-On, one of SPOTR's Apps, is designed to improve our collective knowledge, by leveraging the human capacity to identify what's interesting in a picture, and develop a vocabulary through visual semantics (i.e. "a picture is worth a thousand words") to improve how people can discover images that inspire and connect through shared emotions and humor - things that machines don't do well.

Users can discover common ground with fellow players, while improving their observational skills and learning to focus on visual details.

Spot-On is currently available for free on the App Store and will soon be available for Android. Spot-On is ad-free and no subscription is required.


SPOTR is a Montreal Startup that makes apps and games for people who enjoy discovering products, places and brands through celebrities and influencers. Its newest app, Spot-On, is a social pop culture game that lets users play a modern social version of "I Spy" with friends. Given a photo, players identify as many things in the photo as possible, and the best spotter wins.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

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Nominated for: 2015 Overall AwardsBest Mobile Game

Price: Free

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