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Synctuition is a completely unique mind relaxation technology that uses immersive 3D sounds. Unlike regular music or other meditation programs on the market, Synctuition stimulates the brain and uses its natural neuroplasticity to create millions of new synapses that provide for increased creativity, enhanced intuition and better decision making. The application provides enchanting 20-minute meditative Journeys to its listeners, which are created with binaural beats in combination with rhythmic entrainment frequencies to create a personalized listening experience that brings long-lasting benefits. A 25-minute listening session of Synctuition has the same effect as four hours of regular deep meditation.

Our sound Journeys have been specially recorded using revolutionary binaural sound technology that is able to deliver audio exactly as it happens in real nature. The effect works when listening with regular stereo headphones. Different sounds are played at precise frequencies into each ear to create the immersive 3D binaural audio effect.

Synctuition uses binaural beats in a very specific frequency range, where its effects are at their greatest, to synchronize the brain and relax the body. This magical frequency range is called the Gamma (~40Hz) range. Interestingly enough, only highly disciplined monks who have been practicing intense prayer for decades have shown the ability to naturally move their brainwaves into the Gamma range for an extended period of time. Each Synctuition sound journey uses binaural beats in this magical Gamma range.

In addition, Synctuition uses rhythmic synchronization and entrainment frequencies to completely relax the body and at the same time stimulate and improve brain function. Scientists have discovered the specific sound rhythms and frequencies that relax heart rate and decrease cortisol stress levels. Each Synctuition sound journey contains these relaxing low-frequency sounds that provide the ideal rhythm for your body to achieve total relaxation. The positive effect of rhythmic entrainment frequencies has been well established in therapeutic rehabilitation. The data also clearly show that certain beneficial rhythms have been proven to enhance mental performance. This leads to improved learning and better memory. The rhythmic entrainment frequencies used in Synctuition provide a neurophysiological advantage for the stronger formation of neural connections during listening by increasing neuronal responses in localized brain networks.

We have always known our calling was to spread the joy of self-actualization throughout the world. This is why we created Synctuition – a groundbreaking, unique and spectacular journey of self-discovery that will lead to the greatest prize in the world – true self-knowledge, happiness and health. To many of us, the current crisis has hit hard like a tidal wave, placing us in uncharted waters. We are living in a time of great change. And, as with any major adjustment, we are navigating through a period of stress, anxiety and uncertainty before we regain our balance.

Synctuition’s user base has exponentially increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are simultaneously reaching out to the world more than ever before to increase mental health support during these uncertain times. While lockdown rules are being relaxed, the stress associated with the uncertainty of recovery remains. Countless scientific studies have shown that negativity and stress weaken the human immune system. This is why we are on a global mission to spread positivity. We ran a campaign across 14 countries this summer which provided free access to the full benefits of Synctuition Meditation Program to all residents of these countries until the end of July. Our aim is to provide stress relief, mental clarity and self-knowledge to everyone around the world.

Right now, we have created over 2300 minutes of our magical 3D sounds enhanced with binaural beats and we do not plan to stop there. Our team of psychologists, scientists and sound engineers is working relentlessly on our mission to bring meditation, mindfulness and its positive effects to the masses. Anyone can clear themselves from negativity and achieve clarity of the mind with Synctuition.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Entertainment , Health & Fitness , Media, Music & Video

Nominated for: 2020 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2020

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