Talking ABC...

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Talking ABC...

This is the most unusual and interesting interactive alphabet to help your child both learn the English letters and have a lot of fun.


- Exciting learning of letters from A to Z

- The most visual and rememberable letters-to-words connection created with clay animation

- 2 learning modes—letters and sounds

- Intuitive interface, easy to understand even for 2-year olds

- Knowledge testing through a game

- Funny and catchy alphabet song

- 26 amazing animation animals with talking mode


- Each talking character has its individual voice

- Talk to animal and it will repeats anything you say with funny voice

- 4 exciting and educational games

- Puzzles with animated animals

- Write your name with clay letters and turn them into animals

- Share your clay words with friends

- Funny sound effects

- Regular free updates with new games

- Full Retina Display support

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education , Entertainment , Family & Children

Nominated for: 2013 Overall AwardsBest App for Children and Kids

Price: $2.99

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