Talking Rhino

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Talking Rhino

Talking Rhino is The First "Interactive" Audio Story App for Kids, with 'Speech Recognition' and 'Gamification' for Ages 6-12 years

The App uses its proprietary AI-enabled speech recognition technology ( called Kiddiction ) to Improve a child's Comprehension, Memory, Pronunciation, Imagination, and Vocabulary; and above all master the art of 'Active Listening' with very 'Limited Screen Time!'

The Audio stories are gamified and can be played in Single or Dual player mode. At the end of every chapter of a story, the player is asked questions and awarded points. The dual-player mode can be played with a sibling, a friend or a parent. A great way to bond with family over an educational mobile game with very low screen time!

Currently, the Talking Rhino App includes two audio stories of 45 mins each: 'The Ramayana' and 'Sun takes a Vacation', which are both Original, Entertaining, and Educational and have theatre-quality audio effects and voiceovers from globally renowned artists.

** Please note that the App works on iPhone /iPad and Android Phones only . The App is'nt compatible with Android tablets or with foldable Android Phones yet. Please download on iPhone for best results **

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education , Entertainment , Family & Children , Educational , Family , Language Learning , Media, Music & Video

Nominated for: 2023 January Award ContestBest New Mobile App 2022 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2022

Price: Free

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