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TAP Social

TAP Social, the new mobile application that connects real people right now to dine, exercise, network or date. Depending on what you are looking for, users are matched if they are pressing a button (tapping or TAP) at the same time. You can TAP for up to a minute. Once matched, users can chat with each other inside the application’s own chat feature. The current mobile applications on the market are too narrow in their target market (e.g. only for dating) and has a heavy time commitment as there are many inactive users. TAP is different because there are no inactive users i.e. if you do not TAP then you will not show up on people's matches. Additionally, the application caters for much more interests where you can choose whether to find someone to date, eat with, gym buddy or networking / socialising.

I was inspired to build TAP while living alone in a new suburb. I was having so many lonely meals, had little motivation for exercising by myself and found no opportunity for relationships. I believe TAP is the solution to this loneliness! I listed the project on Freelancer and found a developer to implement my designs, flows and functionalities. I have 100% ownership of all components of TAP Social. The application was launched officially in 2018.

TAP Social has the following notable features:

1. Unique matching methodology. Absolutely no ‘swiping’ in the mobile application. When users press TAP, the start and end time (up to a minute) are recorded. All users that have an overlapping time subject to the preferences (e.g. age, gender, activity, distance requirements), are automatically matched. Completely new concept and allows for quick matching with people available right now to chat. This presents excellent value for time.

2. Very intuitive to use. The application is very easy to understand and use. The application is called TAP, to get a match you TAP a button. There is only one main screen where you can easily navigate to your profile, see and char with matches and adjust your preferences. I have added a user manual in the application and have a promotional explainer video to assist with users understanding how the application works. Users can chat with matches inside TAP Social.

3. Only real matches. Matching is only possible if the user physically presses the TAP button. Therefore, it is impossible to match with an inactive user. Users are only interacting with real people. Users only need a Facebook or email account to use the application. Members can block users so that they do not match again with them.

4. Globally scale-able. There is absolutely no location restrictions on the application. The application is very intuitive and easy to use, even non-English speakers can use it. The application is listed on the Apple and Googleplay stores so payments are automatically converted to the local currency. In the past four weeks since launch, there are over 140 people from England, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and Thailand who have downloaded TAP Social.

5. Inexpensive. The application is free for all users however, to access more features users will need to upgrade. Users can sign up for recurring 1 month memberships which are $10 per month. Discounted prices for longer membership plans are offered. There is a ‘lifetime’ payment option equivalent to an 8 month membership which is a great price for an application you can use indefinitely.

6. Fun / Trendy design. During a TAP, the category symbol (e.g. hearts for dating category) are 'raining' from the screen which makes it visually pleasing. Paid members can multi-TAP which means they can TAP more than one category at a time so they will see different symbols raining. Also, on the match summary you can see the categories which you matched for each user (up to 4 symbols). These are great functionalities with real benefits.

7. Excellent prospects for revenue. Members can upgrade to access several features such as multi-tap (mentioned above), retain matches and conversations from previous TAPs and no time-limit between each TAP. In addition, I have approached match-making companies to host 'TAP Dates' which will save so much money because there is no need for booking a function hall for these events and registered users just need to be in the area at a certain time to TAP and find their date. Also, I am currently making minor updates to the application and drafting a proposal for businesses to have exclusive advertising inside TAP Social. For example, Local Gym (ficticious, for illustration only) will always show up as a match to all users who TAP in the gym/ exercising category near a gym branch. This service would be offered for a monthly fee.

Overall, I believe TAP Social is a market first and unique mobile phone application that connects real people based on their prefereces. TAP Social addresses many of the issues with the current mobile phone applications regarding inactive users and the narrow scope. TAP Social have many notable features and presents great value for users through the free membership and in the upgrade plans.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2019 Summer AwardsBest New Mobile App 2018 July AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Free

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