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TapnBuild is a tower building game, where you are able to :
Gather resources, buy tools and upgrade them, buy items, build the highest castle of them all.

Gather resources:

Tap on the Mine to gather mineable resources.
Tap on the Forest to gather wood.
Tap on the Lake to gather water.
After buying more advanced tools,you are also able to gather :
Stone , Iron , Gold and eventually Diamonds.

Buy and Upgrade your Tools:

Buying more advanced tools makes gathering resources faster.
Some tools unlock abilities to mine certain resources.
Unlock abilities to gather more valuable metals and eventually diamonds.
* There is a chance in each Pick to yield unlocked resources *

Buy Items:

When gathering resources gets exhausting,
buy machines from the Items menu.
* They gather resources for you *

Build your Castle:

Each level of Castle built,unlocks ability to buy more advanced Tools and Items.
Building the Castle is essential part of evolving in TapnBuild.

Get free resources:

Watching an Advertisement triggers Prizewheel , which yields free resources.
Skipping advertisement yields less resources.
* Using this feature is not required to progress in TapnBuild . You can play start to finish ,
without watching a single advertisement in TapnBuild *


Can you get all of them?


Let everyone know, how high your castle is.

You might not be alone in TapnBuild :

You might not be the only one gathering resources in there .
Let's just hope ,their friendly.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Casual Games , Other

Nominated for: 2016 Overall AwardsBest Mobile Game of 2016

Price: Free

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