The FitConnect

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The FitConnect

This is an invite only exclusive access app. The app has real life fitness celebrities post their weekly workouts and diet plans which can be followed by users.
This is the first major app that aims at targeting the fitness enthusiasts by providing them with a direct communication link with fitness celebrities.
Fit Connect also provides a marketplace fitness products, sponsorships etc. The aim is to be the largest marketplace and a platform for all things 'fit'.

To help connect users with fitness professionals and stay updated.

We created profiles for many fitness celebrities, they give us their workouts and nutrition plans for any given week, which is then displayed on the app.
The users can closely monitor every single day's activity and follow the same.

Create a marketplace for fitness products

The professionals have their profiles where they can endorse products.
There is an offers page which has various products listed

Key Design philosophy:
An earthen look was envisaged to connect with the core idea of fitness and provide top-notch pixel perfection to appeal to the user's eye.

1. Neat and clean design
2. User experience kept in mind on every screen and element.
3. A fresh colour palette used, something new and unique.
4. Very high-quality photos updated every week.
5. Nutrition details are updated in admin CMS but the standard layout is displayed in the app same as food labels
6. image resizing algorithms have been used in the backend to show high resolution, but low file size images. Thus saving data usage but delivering brilliant UI
7. Perfect alignment of all elements.

Technology Specifications:

1. The latest PHP version 7 was used
2. iOS 10 compatible
3. Swift version 3 was used
4. SonarQube was employed to monitor code health
5. Invite only exclusive access. This has helped generate interest in the app and thus help it go viral.
6. Lucky draw on a monthly basis for the registered users to help them get free fitness products provided by our sponsors.

Achievements & Recognition:
1. Demo-ed at Web Summit, Lisbon, with 53000+ attendees representing 15000 companies and 166 countries (
2. It was also promoted at Facebook Start, London, and got affiliated with Nike and Reebok Brazil
3. Series B valuation of Five million dollars.
4. Davey's Design Award (Silver) winner in Best Mobile Apps/Sites - Fitness Category

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2017 Winter Awards
Silver Award
Best Designed Mobile App

Price: Free

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