The Lovevery App

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The Lovevery App

The Lovevery App serves parents of children ages 0 - 24 months. The mobile app provides on demand week-by-week support, expert guidance, and activities to make parenting easier. Features include:
--Week-by-week guidance for what to focus on at every stage with articles, activities, and more
--Digital Play Guides-including videos and easy-to-read instructions-for The Play Kits, plus easy DIYS
--Ask & Learn: parents can submit questions to Lovevery’s expert team and receive quick, thoughtful responses (or browse --FAQs from other caregivers in categories like Sleep, Feeding, and Brain Development)
--Monthly developmental information to help parents understand and identify your child's emerging skills.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education , Family & Children , Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2023 - Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of 2023

Price: Free 28-day Trial

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