The Perfume Shop

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The Perfume Shop

The Perfume Shop is the UK’s largest specialist fragrance retailer with 255 stores across the UK & Ireland, selling all major designer fragrance brands, classic and celebrity perfumes. To make our customers sure they are in the best place when purchasing at The Perfume Shop we have trained and developed the most knowledgeable team of sales advisors in the perfume industry, proudly boasting the largest number of industry recognized CFSS (Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist) graduates in the UK.
Choosing a perfume is an intimate and personal experience.
It is important to find a fragrance that reflects one's personality, but it is not always easy to juggle the vast offer that is presented inside the stores and our shop assistants play a fundamental role in the purchasing experience by directing the customer towards his olfactory tastes. Considering the 294K app’s downloads, for our brand it was very important to be able to replicate the same service also online and after months of studies, we were proud to launch an innovative tool called “Fragrance Finder”.
This tool helps our customers to find their ideal perfume as if they were in the store with the support of our experts.
By answering simple questions including gender, type of perfume notes, the range price or by entering your favorite fragrance, the tool is capable to suggest a selection of perfumes that can satisfy the customer’s preferences.
We are very proud to offer an offline sensory experience into a digital world.

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Nominated for: 2021 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2021

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