The ReSound Smart App

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The ReSound Smart App

In March 2015, Danish hearing aid manufacturer, GN ReSound introduced the world’s smartest hearing aid, the ReSound LiNX2™. As an integral component of that innovative technology, the ReSound Smart™ app was developed to deliver unprecedented levels of discreet, intuitive control over hearing aid programs, settings, and sound enhancement features—all directly from smart devices like an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, as well as millions of Android smartphone users across the Google Play platform.

With this breakthrough technology, ReSound hearing aid wearers have the ability to integrate, adjust, and tailor their hearing experiences like never before. The ReSound Smart app offers a new paradigm in modern hearing care for people who suffer from hearing impairments—breaking down social barriers, and thereby, encouraging more people to address their hearing health for the first time.

Features of the ReSound Smart app include:
• Sound Enhancer – personalize noise reduction, speech focus, wind noise reduction, volume, programs, and treble/bass settings via adjustable in-app controls in real-time to accommodate unique sound environments.
• Favorites – allows users to save specific hearing aid settings and preferences for quick, easy adjustments, and even offers the ability to save settings to geographic locations like a favorite restaurant or museum via the phone’s GPS
• “Find my hearing aid” – in the event that you misplace or lose your devices, the ReSound Smart app uses a combination of GPS coordinates, Bluetooth signal, and a series of visual cues that will direct you to within inches of your hearing aids.
• Tinnitus (ringing/clicking in the ear) Management Package – providing integrated, comprehensive control over a variety of settings like advanced frequency shaping and sound variation, the built-in tinnitus manager is designed to match each individual’s specific tinnitus needs.

Most importantly, the innovative technologies packaged within the ReSound Smart app have made a tremendous impact for individuals living with hearing loss. Its direct streaming capabilities represent a huge step forward in increasing accessibility, easier conversations, effortless enjoyment of entertainment, and enhanced environmental safety.

The ReSound Smart app, along with the full Smart Hearing aid portfolio by ReSound, connects more people than ever before with the multitude of new communication and entertainment mediums becoming available every day. Now, the hearing-impaired can access high-quality sound, information, and entertainment with ease, communicating just like people who do not suffer from hearing loss.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2015 Summer AwardsBest Mobile App Design

Price: Free

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