Trips in Barcelona

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Trips in Barcelona

TcTrips mobile applications is not only the best
but also the cheapest way to discover hidden city nooks all over the world. You
don’t have to search for a street on the paper map anymore, unfold a book guide
on the nearby bench or hastily jot down the information from the Internet. Now
there is one application that will provide you with everything standard guides
offer, and much more.


Apart from a theme-based route
there is a great deal of photos in the application, as well as detailed way
descriptions, google maps and a map of commercial attractions. TcTrips offer
around 30 trips from 12 countries routes of which are situated in the cities
most popular among tourists: Rome, Shanghai, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London or Warsaw. The number of
available routes is constantly growing – they can be downloaded from three
mobile markets: Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone Market. The download of
the application is free of the charge to the second point of the trip. 


Every TcTrips route has a theme and is elaborately planned by an
inhabitant of the city – it is the locals who pick places worth visiting and
share their ideas for sightseeing. Thanks to that, TcTrips applications are not
mere facts, dates and names, but a great way to get to know legends and stories
as if told by a travel companion.


The application is intuitive.
The users can see points of the chosen trip on the map with the navigation
suitable for an operational system of their smartphones. The routes of the
trips are planned as a few-hour strolls – there is no need to use public
transport which often causes confusion when the structure of public transport
is complicated. There are also several bicycle trips offered.


Trips are available in 5
language versions: English, Spanish, German, Poilsh and Russian, and in 4
different formats targeted at different groups: family with children, friends,
a copule and a single. What is more, the application users have access to a
short description of the route which enables to familiarise with the theme, as
well as prepare for the obstacles that can be encountered on the way (e. g.
steep stairs, lack of the elevator). Everyone can share their remarks and
emotions by adding photos to the application and commenting the trip after
completing it. 


TRIPS IN BARCELONA makes a perfect opportunity to see various faces of the city. The application comprises trips around the capital city of Catalonia. 
Currently, the routes available within the TRIPS IN BARCELONA app are:

AN AVENUE OF CONTEMPORARY STRUCTURES – trip during which you can explore modern constructions of Barcelona; the trip includes 7 points;

BARCELONA’S FOUNTAINS – a route around exceptional fountains of Barcelona; the trip consists of 7 points;

„THE SHADOW OF THE WIND” – a route following in the footsteps of the characters of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s novel; the trip includes 12 points.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad , Windows Phone

App Categories: Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2013 Overall Awards
Gold Award
Best Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free



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