Trucker Path

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Trucker Path

Trucker Path is the leading real-truck navigation and mapping app in the trucking industry. Built and engineered specifically for the truck driver, Trucker Path makes the driver’s journey more safe, efficient, and productive. Features include:

? Real-truck safe navigation that avoids low overpasses, sharp turns, poor roads and more
? Efficient routing that helps drivers save time via the fastest, safest routes from origin to destination
? Real-time and predictive parking availability at more than 20,000 safe, truck-friendly locations
? Weigh station’s operational status
? Shipping dock ratings, reviews, photos, amenities, detention reporting and navigation showing exactly where trucks enter/exit the facility
? Fuel prices at thousands of locations updated multiple times daily
? Ratings, reviews, photos, and listings of amenities, for 300,000 trucker-centric POIs, including truck stops, rest areas, fuel locations, truck washes and scales, shipping facilities, repair shops, restaurants, hotels and more

Much of the real-time data found in the app is via the millions of crowd-sourced contributions from our community of drivers make Trucker Path the ultimate mapping and navigation tool.

Their inputs help make the app more useful for other drivers as their contributions provide real-time information on available truck parking, weigh station statuses and wait times, truck stop reviews, and much more. Drivers provide millions of data inputs per month, feeding an information engine that helps make Trucker Path’s driver community’s journeys safer, more efficient and more productive.

Over 300,000 points of interest can be found in the app, all of which are geofenced so the app knows when drivers arrive and depart. Drivers are then asked, via the app, a number of questions that feed into the app so other drivers can benefit. For example: “Look around. Are there Many, Some or No available spots to park?” Answers help save other drivers time looking for available parking (a significant benefit as estimates suggest drivers can spend close to one hour per day looking for available parking).

Another example of crowdsourcing in the app occurs when drivers provide input on low overpasses, sharp turns, bad road conditions, etc. Once that information is received, the Trucker Path app is updated to avoid these potential problem areas, making the journey safer for other drivers.

The Truck Path app specifically addresses the needs of the driver who is paramount in the supply chain that delivers the goods people need to live their daily lives.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Productivity , Other

Nominated for: 2022 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2022

Price: Free

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