Tutorius SAT/ACT Math Prep

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Tutorius SAT/ACT Math Prep

A free iOS SAT/ACT math prep app. You can read more about it at www.tutoriusmath.com, but here is what makes the app unique:
-450+ unique math questions modeled off of real SAT/ACT questions as well as unique strategies lectures how to solve them
-MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS - most questions have a mathematical solution as well as a "tutor" solution showing the tips and tricks to solve the problem faster
-UNLIMITED PRACTICE TESTS - a unique practice test generator which produces a brand new practice test each time
-BUILDING BLOCKS GAME - a fun challenging way to memorize formulas and key terms
-DETAILED PERSONALIZED STATISTICS - see how youre doing on each topic and overall, as well as review Q+A for any practice test you have completed
-BADGES/POINTS/LEVELS - gamified the app to make it fun and engaging
-COLLEGE SEARCH - in settings students can search for a college which shows its tutorius ranking plus its approximate middle 50% percentile ACT/SAT scores
-QOTD - question of the day for a quick 5 minute use of the app
-BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - designed by instagram UX designers, its easy to use and beautiful to see

I'm an SAT/ACT tutor. It seems the higher I raise my rates (currently $200/hr), the more in demand I am. While great for me, it indicates the huge unfair advantage the admissions system has, leaving countless deserving students who can't afford a tutor behind.

Every year I also try to give discounts to families that really need it, and their kids are usually my favorite yearly students. They work hard and actually WANT my help. Working with these students inspired me to learn app development 5 years ago with one mission: to democratize access to expert SAT/ACT tutoring.

I created this app, Tutorius Math, as a testament to over 20 years of my tutoring experience. It’s not just about making quality tutoring affordable; I am trying to level the playing field and make premium test tutoring available to all.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2023 - September Award ContestBest Mobile App

Price: FREE

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