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upday for Samsung

UPDAY FOR SAMSUNG is a news service exclusive for Samsung devices. It is the result of a strategic partnership between Axel Springer and Samsung to develop new digital media formats for users in Europe. The mobile app combines journalistic rigour and intuition with intelligent machine learning – perfectly optimised for the users benefit.
With a unique, pre-installed, full screen position within Samsung’s mobile ecosystem (swipe right and you’re there), a commanding presence in our existing territories and an ambitious European expansion plan, UPDAY has seen dramatic growth since launch in March 2016. The app is now available in 16 European countries and has more than 25 million users per month.
UPDAY is based on three digital trends: mobile, platform and personalised publishing. The app is subdivided into two sections: a personalized information section, My News, automated via an algorithm drawing from thousands of media brands; and an editorial part, Top News, managed by an editorial staff of journalists responsible for the curation of the most important stories every day.
The app is perfectly tailored to the needs of mobile users, excellently implemented and can convince with intuitive navigation. Users are mostly between 18 and 35 years old and have a higher education level. The target group is very active on Facebook as on other social media platforms and usually consumes information on mobile devices. Users are mostly interested in general news, sports, fashion, people and shows, digital life and technology.
For most of the users the smartphone is the main source for news and 85% of those users want their news from a bunch of sources in one comfortable app – and therefore they have UPDAY!
The app now has more than 4,000 integrated publishers. Because of our high quality standards during the selection of our publishers the app can be called as a trusted news service.
As UPDAY is a company of Axel Springer, an international publishing company, the delivery of news of high journalistic standard to the user is our priority. It is important to us that the content which appears in the app is informative, objective, non-branded and relevant to the general public. Since UPDAY is based on RSS feeds and always redirects the user to the publisher’s website, the publisher benefits from the referral traffic.
In the end the mission of UPDAY consists of two complementing aspects, both have the goal to create an outstanding and seamless news service. First, constantly improving the product and its possibilities to help users staying up-to-date and enable them to form opinions based on a diverse media coverage. And second, expanding to be wherever the users most need and want UPDAY, and to become platform independent.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: News & Magazines

Nominated for: 2019 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2019

Price: Free

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