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Valedo® supports long-term back health and pain reduction. Learn how to perform specifically-designed therapeutic exercises on your iPhone/iPad for improved movement awareness, muscle control and spinal stability that are entertaining and motivating.

Valedo uses wearable technology to increase back health and reduce back pain by performing exercises in a motivational and fun way. By placing one sensor on the chest-bone (Sternum) and the other one on your pelvis (Sacrum) with double-sided medical tape, the system can monitor all angular movements of your upper body and pelvis. The system provides the necessary clinical information and visual information to learn proper movements and perform exercises correctly. It calculates indications of movement quality, enables communication with a therapist through performance report generation and exporting, and more.

Low back pain is a major public health concern causing considerable costs in all countries. 75% of the adult population will suffer from low back pain within their lifetime. The most common and recommended form of treatment: increasing movement awareness with exercises targeting mobility and stabilization of the spinal muscles. This is what Valedo offers and more.

Valedo is unique because of:
- Effective combination of exercising while gaming
- Enables a personalized and guided self-therapy
- Performance feedback and progress tracking
- Increase patient engagement and therapy compliance
- Registered medical device

With this new innovative form of self-guided therapy Valedo can help people around the world better deal and treat their low back pain. Imagine lifting your child without the fear of pain, performing sports with a healthier back, sitting in the office for a long period behind the computer with a better posture and might even reduce medical bills! We believe that Valedo can contribute to such improvements in the quality of life of Valedo users.

Background information:

Many people correctly seek help from doctors, therapists etc. who often recommend exercises to be performed at home or at work. However, these exercises are often not performed: i) They are boring and repetitive; ii) without the external expert people lack accurate performance feedback; iii) doubt increases about performing the exercises correctly; iv) there is no mechanism to show/prove how often and how well the exercises were performed, etc. Ultimately people suffer from a lack of motivation to be compliant with their therapy. With Valedo people can continue their back therapy at home or people can train their back to prevent back pain. Valedo provides motivating exercises, monitor their progress and retrieve information if you are performing the exercise correctly. Valedo is an innovation because it directly meets the needs of people who wish to treat their back pain with (wireless and mobile) technology.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2014 Overall AwardsOverall Best App of 2014

Price: Free

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