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Values App

The Values App by Tomi Llama makes it simple to discover your top 5 core values and share those with family and friends. The app includes 70 values that you can swipe right to accept or swipe left to discard. One user called it "Tinder for values."

Values represent your deepest cares. Discovering your top 5 values allows you to make more authentic life choices because it brings into your awareness what you deeply care about. Once you know your top five values, you can make choices that speak to your core; doing so minimizes wasting your precious time and energy on buyer’s remorse and regret. When you know your values, it allows you to “fall” only for the things that align with your most deeply-held truths.
Discovering your values is the first and most important step in Tomi Llama's 10 Steps to Happily Ever After on because it is the foundation for living authentically and that creates internal peace and happiness. And who doesn't want more happiness?

This App simplifies discovering the beautiful, amazing you hiding within that the world so desperately needs right now. It also simplifies sharing your top 5 with family and friends so they can honor and respect what you deeply care about, too.

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