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Virucide is a casual shooting game that tests your speed, reflex and accuracy. Kill all the viruses before time runs out. However, viruses can only be damaged by bullets of the same color i.e. red viruses can only be damaged by red bullets. To make things more interesting, there are red blood cells which cannot be shot or let to die or the game is over; you must not shoot the red blood cells or let other viruses kill them. For viruses that cannot be killed by bullets, there are many other ways of killing them including but not limited to tapping on them. Last but not least, there are also challenging bosses with a wide range of attacks and weaknesses that will surely put the player to the test.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Casual Games , Shooter

Nominated for: 2016 Overall Awards
Silver Award
Best Mobile Game of 2016

Price: Free

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