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Wisher is a social gifting platform that transforms the way people wish and give. It's an app that enables people to be connected through the act of giving by turning mobile phones into magic wishing wands. The three key features of Wisher are:

1. You can capture everything you have ever wanted all in one place.
2. You share your Wisher profile with all your friends and family so they can grant your wishes.
3. The main feature is that every wish remains a surprise.

In terms of design, the brief was to create something that looks and feels like "magic" hence the reason why the user interface is floaty, bubbly, transparent and highly animated with icons appearing and disappearing throughout the whole user journey. We have used subliminal colours, objects, patterns and design to create an uplifting feeling as well as intrigue.

The full Wisher specification is as follows:

1. All your wishes in one place
Your mobile wish list with all your wishes in one place to access where ever you are and for everybody else to access where ever they are.

2. Add anything from anywhere
Snap a photo of an item you love, scan the barcode of items in store or add it from online by tagging the image and URL. Curate your own personal wish world with products, life enriching experiences or bucket list experiences.

3. Universal list perfect for travelling
Often you see something you love whilst travelling, with Wisher you can easily add it to your wish list for others to purchase or to buy as a surprise.

4. Portal to purchase all the things you want
Instead of pinning your dreams on Pinterest, Wisher is a more tangible version of everything that you want for others to buy for you (or for you to buy yourself). Wisher is the “Pinterest of Giving”.

5. Inspiration as to what to add to your wish list
Browse on the Wisher feed to get some inspiration as to what you want. No more “freak-outs” before Christmas when your family asks for your wish list. Simply share your Wisher profile with them.

6. Create your own community of wishers and givers
Find and follow your friends and family on Wisher. Get real time feeds of their wishes, like and comment on them too. Easily access their profiles to browse through their wishes and make a wish happen for them.

7. Manage your wishes
Ensure your wishes are always relevant and updated. Edit the description/price/web link, delete an old wish or move a fulfilled wish to your “granted tab”. Here you can keep track of all your fulfilled wishes.

8. No more duplicate gifts and every gift remains a surprise until given
Once you have bought an item or experience online or from a physical store, the Giver marks it as “granted”. Now no one else can buy the same item as it indicates “granted” on the wish. The user whose wish has been granted can’t view this on their profile, which means the gift remains a surprise until given.

9. Automated thank you
Once the user has received a wish, they manually move it to their “granted tab” which automatically sends a thank you message to the Giver. With Wisher, there is no more forgetting about the most important part of giving and receiving which is gratitude.

10. Your Wish Map
Each wish made in physical stores is tagged to the place. Now your friends and family can see where you made wishes and can buy them for you if they are in the vicinity.

Wisher is dedicated to enabling people’s wishes to happen through its guiding principles of people before profit, the power of humanity and global exchange. Headquartered in London, our aim at Wisher is to grow our user base to become the world’s number one community for giving by connecting people, brands and retailers.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Lifestyle , Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2015 Summer AwardsBest Mobile App Design

Price: Free

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