Wordfeud Competitor Wordchallenge

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Wordfeud Competitor Wordchallenge

This is a fun and different word game where the idea is to not be the one who forms the word instead of forming a word.
Fits well anytime you want to have some fun or compete with a friend over who has the best vocabulary.
Playing this game will also improve your vocabulary.
You can also challenge other people online and work your way up the rankings.
The game awards first letter.
The time starts ticking.
One person start write a character that is the beginning of a word.
Then the next person writes a character, and it continues this way until one of them can not avoid to form a complete word. It is important to always stick to real words. You are not allowed to write a character that are not included in a word. If the first one writes A, then next one writes P, but the first one do not say E because the word APE will be formed. Appropriate then to say P which for example may be the beginning of the word Appeal.If you are establishing a word you loose. If you can not think of an appropriate character in 30 sek, you loose .

Get in there, show your vocabulary and have fun!

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Casual Games , Family , Trivia

Nominated for: 2015 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Best Mobile Game

Price: Free

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