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Wunderkind. The shell of Android-smartphone with the function of parental control.

About the Wunderkind Project
Today’s children quickly find a common language with gadgets and sometimes understand them better parents. And the parents are wondering – how to make this dialogue safety, not distracting from their studies and bring only benefits?

The parents do not control using of smartphones by their children, on the one hand, of course, a good decision – the child should be trusted, and on the other hand – a smartphone – not a toy, but rather a serious device, unreasonable use of which can be dangerous: the development of gambling addiction, inability concentration, malicious content – this is not a complete list of threats, from which parents want to protect their children.

There are families in which total control and severe restrictions on smartphones and tablets are practiced: the removal of the device as a punishment, checking devices, or not to buy your child a smartphone with motivation, “you’re still small.” Such actions upset children, and certainly not conducive to the confidence of communication in the family.

But the vast majority of today’s parents are against restrictions on their children, moreover, the idea of using mineral smartphone capabilities is actual on 100%: game mechanics apps you can use for training, motivation and development of creative abilities, at the same time – be aware of all the events that take place in school, and most importantly – be a friend to your child, and not a tyrant.

The Wunderkind Shell

Wunderkind project implemented all the possibilities for the safe use of smartphone for children of school age. In addition, parents will always be notified of the child’s whereabouts, especially – if it is threatened.


The shell includes learning applications on the selected training profiles. The child has the opportunity to complete assignments and tests. Gamification tasks makes them exciting and fun, which reduces the sense of duty to fulfill. Games Motivation increases the interest in learning and develops research thinking.

Tasks on different subjects are received by a small user in random order: for example, first English, then – geometry, then – biology. Thus parents can see their child’s ability to specific areas of expertise and will be able to notice what items cause difficulties.

Inside the shell there is a system of charging points and bonuses for the right assignments.

Multiprofile shell encourages the child to use smartphone with a younger brother or sister and parents decide the problem of setting up the device, if, for example, children in a family of two, and each has its own program objectives.

Multidashboard shows individual settings, the achievements in the tests, the school schedule and other necessary information in a single profile.


When the child has mastered a certain amount of educational material, he will be able to run games that are installed on the smartphone. Game time is limited – in order to access it, you must complete this step in the tutorial.

Psychological comfort

Wunderkind appearance minimally differ from the native Android platform and custom firmware device manufacturers. Therefore, the child peers will never guess that adults have access to a telephone. On the contrary – Wunderkind interesting features stand out from the usual firmware from the manufacturer other shells. Small user will be proud that he has a special phone – a Wunderkind.

Design Features and Realisation

Wunderkind – the whole security system for the child and the parents peace of mind. The most important thing in this app is so-called “panic button”. By pressing on which parents for all forms of communication will be sent a notification to the device geodata. Himself a child can discreetly notify the parents that is in danger and needs help.

Wunderkind controls devices’ charge: Android suspends full functionality in case of 20% charged battery. In this call, message and the panic button are always available. The child will not be able to run down the battery and turn invisible.

There are two target audiences for the product: a priority – children as a primary user (60%) and parents (as a minor user, but who makes the decision to use the shell).

For children

Children are receptive to mobility effects in the interface. The design is aimed at maximizing the involvement of the child in the learning process. The firmware embedded games and exercises with popular cartoon characters, game mechanics are used, it created an opportunity to turn the interaction into a compelling the story.

For parents

Parents pay attention to the ease of use and creative problem solving.
At the time of project design was relevant Android 4.4, rather plain in comparison with versions after. The Android standards have been met, and the design of the shell itself is made unique. We chose a “moving” motor skills, fine lines and enough high contrast elements as bright attracts attention, and dark concentrates. The main envelope icon also made with a focus on parental audience.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Entertainment , Family & Children , Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2017 Winter AwardsBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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