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My team and I have been doing videography and creating marketing materials and music videos focusing on real estate for more than 10 years. We have attended countless weekly Re/Max and big company conventions and listened to all the "Marketing Gurus" discuss the importance of video marketing. They utilize over 50% of their presentation time talking about video marketing. Since we have been on “the front lines”, we know the challenges and obstacles the average person faces with video marketing and I believe we have found a solution. The most common thing I hear at these symposiums is how you don't necessarily need the expensive camera and epic slow motion/highest quality video… but the point is to stay in front of your audience and get in front of new people as often and consistently as possible. The true “awakening” for me was watching Gary V telling an auditorium full of agents that they know they need to do it, but they won't. The question for all of us is why? Why do these people consume so much video, learn about everything through video and know they need to do it, but won't? There seemed to be many factors that I was seeing. They didn't know what to shoot. They didn't know what to say. They didn't want to spend $500+ dollars on each video. They didn't have the time to spend a whole day for 1 video. The video teams they were using were inconsistent and flaky. This lead to the creation of Xunami! Our app currently has 8 industries and we are currently expanding. But, with our custom video feature… you can shoot anything. You start by selecting your industry from over 200 videos and watch to get ideas or to make sure you like the content. Once you decide on your video idea, you press the record now button. At this time it loads up a pre-written script. You can edit this script or choose to record it word for word. Once you are ready, you press the record button which pulls up a teleprompter and allows you to record the video line by line or blast through it a couple of times. After you are satisfied with your recording, you navigate to the upload function of our app. We use a proprietary upload function that functions at higher efficiency than Dropbox and is able to quickly upload to our editors without compression. At this point, our editors are informed and begin working on your video. They level out your voice, adjust framing, add animations, add b roll, add fitting music and make your video entertaining and professional. Your video is then returned to you within a 72-hour time frame. All of this for $49.99 per video. We have been gaining significant momentum and have built a lot of excitement for this app. We are excited about the direction we are heading. Here are some of our marketing materials and videos below to provide a better understanding. Please let me know if there are any opportunities to promote on your website and if this sounds like something you guys might be interested in discussing. Thank you so much for your time! I appreciate it.


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Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

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