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YesVideo's iPhone application is the first of its kind on the market. Customers can now easily view and share vintage video memories on their iPhones using the app.


By streaming video from the cloud to an iPhone, the new app allows YesVideo customers to view their entire library of vintage video memories on-the-go. With the YesVideo app, dad can show his kids footage of his own first touchdown, mom can share nearly-forgotten video of her child’s first steps over lunch with girlfriends, and grandma can relive her wedding with her grandchildren. Now, families can view their video memories all the way from the roaring 20's to the groovy 70’s, to today.


In its easy-to-use iOS app, YesVideo has married the latest in smartphone technology with all forms of vintage video content. By connecting an iOS device via AirPlay to an Apple TV or HDTV, customers’ vintage video memories can be streamed directly onto the big screen in the living room.


Vintage video memories are highly engaging; YesVideo customers spend 44 minutes in an average online viewing session and share with at least ten others via Facebook or email. YesVideo expects a dramatic increase in these metrics with its iOS app launch.


The YesVideo platform solves a massive personal video problem – nearly a century of America’s video memories are inaccessible and decaying by the day on forms of outmoded media. An estimated 1.5 billion legacy video units (8mm, 16mm, VHS, Beta, etc.) are sitting in 90 million U.S. households collecting dust. Digitizing these vintage video memories will result in 3,000 petabytes of digital video data hosted in the cloud.


With the launch of the app, YesVideo is solidifying its position as the leading cloud platform for video memories. Since 1999, YesVideo has provided technology to customers and retail partners to digitize personal media to DVD and the cloud. Customers can drop off their legacy personal videos at one of the company’s 34,000 retail partner locations, or order directly from


Once digitized, video memories can be easily edited, watched on any device and shared with close friends and family via email or Facebook. YesVideo’s service includes free and unlimited cloud storage, so all customers have an accessible place to safely store, view, share and customize their vintage video memories.


The YesVideo iOS app features allows customers to:


· View full video albums or chapters and highlight videos


· Privately share to specific friends or family via email or Facebook


· Track the status of their orders


The iOS app is now available in the Apple app store.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Entertainment , Family & Children

Nominated for: 2013 Spring AwardsBest App - Spring 2013

Price: Free

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