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Pundits often say the phone call is dead. But that's not what you hear when you talk to any of the 28 million entrepreneurs running their own small businesses in the US – they live and die by phone calls from prospects, clients, and partners.

The problem is that their time is extremely limited, and among other things:
- They don't have time to waste dealing with robocalls, but they want to answer every call that comes in, since it could be potential valuable business.
- They don't have time to pull over and dial complicated codes to get into a conference call, only to have the call dropped minutes later.
- They don't have time to answer every phone call because they're too busy serving clients, but a missed call can be missed business if they're thrown into a traditional voicemail service.

YouMail's intelligent call management app is designed to help time-starved entrepreneurs dramatically improve their productivity and efficacy in dealing with all of these calls, simply by downloading an app. By having answered more than five billion calls for its users, YouMail has become a leader in intelligent telephony services for personal and business use.

First, YouMail helps people save time by permanently blocking time-wasting robocalls – by focusing on stopping those robocallers from ever calling our users in the first place. YouMail basically plays out of service messages to robocallers, getting them to stop calling, not only from the number they called with in the first place, but all the other numbers they use as well. YouMail's algorithm reliably identifies robocallers by dynamically analyzing traffic patterns of calls to YouMail users and getting feedback from the YouMail user community. Other call blocking solutions force one-at-a-time blocking and let robocallers leave voice messages – which doesn't solve the problem. By using YouMail to block robocalls and prioritize calls from friends, family, and business associates, smartphone users can avoid wasting time on spam phone calls.

Second, YouMail helps entrepreneurs both time and frustration by making conference calls on-the-go dramatically simpler. Every YouMail user gets an always-on conference room associated with their mobile number. When they need to hold a conference call, they simply e-mail or text people to call their cell and press “8" at a given time (while YouMail users just tap a button in the YouMail app). When people join, the Smart Announce feature announces them by name without having to record, and everyone is told who is already on. The Smart Summary feature e-mails the host and texts all participants a summary (including a recording) of the call. This is so simple – no more strange numbers to call, no PINs to remember, no more awkward recordings when joining a call. This makes joining, participating, and following up when on the go very easy, even when carriers drop people from the call.

Finally, YouMail helps busy small business people provide a great experience to callers when they can't answer the call – which is absolutely critical when potential clients or clients call. It serves as a virtual receptionist, greeting callers by name, routing callers to other people who can handle them, taking and transcribing and routing messages, and instantly replying to callers with YouMail's unique “auto-reply" feature. Auto-replies drive users to custom mobile landing pages that expose callers to alternative communication channels like e-mail, provide them ways to take further action like getting more information, making appointments, and even completing a sale.

YouMail has become a vital tool in the entrepreneur's arsenal simply by allowing them to much more efficiently manage the prospect, partner, and customer phone calls that are so key to business success.

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