Zombie Watch - Zombie survival

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Zombie Watch - Zombie survival

Zombie Watch survival game is a 3D open world mobile game that features gathering, crafting, building, exploring options and much more. It is the product of months of work and dedication.
Build your base around the artifact and defend it from zombies that will be attacking you everywhere you go and will try to destroy your base in waves. Be the champion of survival in the world of the zombie invasion.
Chop down trees, tap on bushes, mine stones, and crystals to gather logs, sticks, leaves, berries and stones. Craft various items and build the best defense for your home base. Build a bed where you save your progress. Grow your own garden and create a self-sufficient home. Craft potions for special powers and bandages to help you heal faster from wounds inflicted by zombies. When you kill a zombie, he will drop items beneficial for your survival. All of your items are available in your inventory. Have fun trying to rule the zombie invaded world.
At the time Zombie Watch has 6 different biomes to explore - dessert, snow, swamp, tropical, woods and rocks. Each of them offers different resources for crafting and building. But be aware of your surroundings - zombies are out here to get you!

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Action & Adventure

Nominated for: 2017 Winter Awards
Silver Award
Best App Screen Shot

Price: free

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