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Develop social-emotional skills with kid-tested, psychologist and parent-approved, tiny-knee-slapping stories from Zoy! Our team of psychologists, educators, and award-winning authors love creating this immersive world! It’s all designed to teach your child effective communication, emotional management, conflict resolution, responsible decision-making, self-esteem, and more!

In our fast-paced world, it can be difficult to balance quality family time with enrichment opportunities for your child. But at Zoy, the two go together! While so many other apps simply aim to keep kids distracted, Zoy is here to strengthen relationships, engage critical thinking skills, and help kids grow into their best selves, all while having fun!

For families by families:
Founded by two parents based on their children’s love of bedtime stories, all of Zoy’s books are written to give families a space to connect and deepen their bond. For us, this means giving you the tools to talk about the tough stuff while providing plenty of opportunities to laugh and have fun together!

Why SEL?
The core of social-emotional learning (SEL) is learning about self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Our books provide a safe learning environment for children to develop these skills as they identify and self-regulate their emotions. Kids with well-developed social and emotional skills have shown improved mental health, communication skills, and academic performance, so at Zoy, we do our part to empower all kids with these skills!

The CASEL connection:
Our library is built on the incredible research-driven work done by our friends at CASEL, who “envision all children and adults as self-aware, caring, responsible, engaged, and lifelong learners who work together to achieve their goals and create a more inclusive, just world” through a lifelong commitment to SEL. Whether you want to help your child build empathy or process a major life change, we have stories specifically tailored to your child’s needs and sorted into easily accessible categories.

It takes a village:
Our stories might be child-sized but the thought behind them is not. Every single story in the Zoy catalog was developed by an experienced team of people passionate about what they do. Our team includes psychologists, educators, award-winner authors, comedy writers, cognitive scientists, and of course, parents and families!

More than stories:
But that’s not all! Besides our children’s books, we provide families with our “Calm Corner." It promotes mindfulness and self-regulation strategies.

Designed with kids in mind:
Children are at the center of everything we do, which means that every part of this app is designed to be child-friendly. All of our features are accessible and easy to use. Our designers and illustrators have worked hard to create enchanting graphics that bring our stories to life for readers of all ages!

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