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Zyrcle´s vision (you will love it):

Zyrcle is the most spontaneous mobile app you can find to chat with people.

There is no need to involve neither your personal life nor your privacy. They won’t be jeopardized. You can immediately chat through theme channels in the favourite and usual places you go to.

Benefits of connecting with nearby people.
-No need to get involved with your personal life.
-No need to be friends
-No intrusion

Benefits of being a group member.
-No roles, no rule administrators
-No chaos
-No bothering

Easy to use: search and catch your favourite places. Once you are in, you can find fascinating groups and public chats. Join the ones you like or create yours! Share help, opinions and interests with people of your same zyrcle! Moreover, you will also find thousands of reasons to chat with others! No need to give your cell phone number nor your personal details. Welcome to a free and easy chat!

Where to use zyrcle:
Your school or university
Your favourite club
Your gym
public transportation
Favorite stores
Concert halls, cinema, cafes, restaurants…

Zyrcle allows you to instantly reach those people who frequent your usual and favourite places! Meet and chat with people who go to the same places you do in a friendly and easy way. It’s kind of a chatting group in each place you go without jeopardizing your personal life.

Tell your zyrcle chat-mates your contributions, what defines you or what you need. Zyrcle will try to help you! This way, Zyrcle differentiates your personal life and your personal contacts…

Tell your zyrcle chat-mates what’s going on, share interests, help those who need it, enjoy, make new and good Friends. Zyrcle is a bridge between mates and friends. There is no need to add anyone to make them feel welcomed, they can do it themselves. Friendship is valuable and we hope that Zyrcle will help you find good friendships that will last forever.

Zyrcle’s main objective is to see you happy. To see that you realize that the more, the better, and that you want to share this feeling with everyone! Therefore, we will see that we are building up new opportunities for you! So if you really recommend us, do it wholeheartedly.

Welcome! :)

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2017 Overall Awards
Gold Award
Best Mobile App of 2017 2015 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Overall Best App of 2015

Price: Free

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