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Best Mobile App Awards partners with The Accolade Project

Best Mobile App Awards partners with The Accolade Project

Posted in Company Announcements on March 07, 2022

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Best Mobile App Awards is excited to announce that starting immediately, winners of our award contests will now also receive Accolade Token, a cryptocurrency that exists for groups and individuals to recognize others for their accomplishments. We have partnered with the Accolade development team to build the infrastructure to provide this cryptocurrency to our winners. This is done free of charge with no strings attached.

All we will ask in return is that the recipients of this token "pay-it-forward", as the Accolade team recommends, and pass along a portion of the crypto tokens to those who made their mobile app a success. This can include mobile app designers, developers, members of the product and marketing team and anyone else on the mobile app project that participated in the winning submission.

How it works

Upon announcing the winners of our contests we will also now include instructions to those winners on setting up a secure crypto wallet capable of receiving Accolade Token if they don't already have one. Once they share that wallet's public address (public key), we securely transfer a block of our Accolade token. That's it.

It is then up to whoever is leading that team to do the right thing, "pay-it-forward" and distribute some of that crypto to the rest of their own team. These instructions on the Accolade website are easy to follow, and they even include this custom message generator tool if anyone is lost for words when sharing their Accolade Tokens with others.

We hope to help Accolade gain traction as a digital form of recognition by using it to show appreciation to all the hard working individuals who create mobile apps to improve the lives of others.

For any questions on our Accolade partnership please contact us or visit the Accolade FAQ section of their site