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Aurasma is a powerful augmented reality platform and mobile app which enables users to add digital media onto items in the physical world and share that experience with others. Within the app, users can also scan the physical media to discover the digital content that others have “placed" there.

For instance, educators use the app to enhance physical classroom materials like book covers and artwork with rich media like videos and animations. When scanning the physical classroom materials with the Aurasma app, students “unlock" the digital media that is tied to them and allow them to access more information. Teachers use the app to bolster their curriculum with scavenger hunts and other interactive lessons that keep students engaged in the real world, and not glued entirely to a screen. It allows students to pair their physical work with interactive digital media that they create, and understand the relationship between the two. Educators find that the Aurasma app helps them synchronize their various lesson plans through one communication mechanism and also makes it easier for them to share classroom work with students, parents, and other colleagues.

From a commercial business perspective, many companies across industries use Aurasma for internal training and communications. By scanning training documents, benefits brochures, or equipment with the Aurasma app, employees can access digital instructions and insights that keep them interested while helping them improve performance and increasing company knowledge. Industrial and pharma industries in particular favor Aurasma to reduce the complexity of products or materials. Employees or partners using the Aurasma app to scan items can watch a video or step-by-step animation that visually articulate any necessary information. Other businesses in retail, CPG, entertainment, auto, and other industries use Aurasma to enhance marketing materials such as print advertisements, product packaging, point of sale, and more. This allows the business to add more depth to the marketing they're already producing, and it gives consumers a way to interact directly with the brand(s) on their mobile devices that rewards them with bonus content, special deals, and other satisfying experiences.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2016 Overall AwardsBest Business & Productivity App

Price: Free

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