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AVDA is a mobile app in the recruiting industry that gives users a tinder like experience to hire an employee or search for another career.

With AVDA, job seekers and employers can take advantage of a single platform that successfully fills the gaps of other recruitment Apps or services. Job seekers only need to sign up once and go through a quick, 5-minute onboarding process. All information is stored in one place, eliminating the need to upload resumes. Employers will have the opportunity to quickly see relevant information about the applicant, without wasting time reading lengthy texts.
The App provides an excellent verification system, using social media links, derogatory marks for no shows, and verified profiles. There are advanced filtering options that both job seekers and employers can take advantage of, providing an easy route to the right candidates.

AVDA makes this sophisticated service exceptionally accessible and affordable to small businesses too. The App is completely free to use during the first 6 months. After that, job postings will cost a small amount, which is dramatically lower than that of competitors on the market

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2021 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Best Mobile App of 2021

Price: Free

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