BetterMe Health Coaching

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BetterMe Health Coaching

BetterMe is a leading behavioral healthcare company with over 100M users worldwide. There are two super apps developed by the company: BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health.

BetterMe: Health Coaching is a wellness app that offers personalized workout and nutrition plans supported by real human coaches, as well as comprehensive tracking. BetterMe is available in 190 countries in numerous languages. We urge our users to look at a healthy lifestyle from a psychology perspective, and introduces a psychology-based lifestyle change program. This long-term program is designed to support users for 6 to 12 months. With this program, we aim to give users tools to independently manage their thoughts, actions, and habits. Our goal is to help create gradual changes in the mind and body, therefore improving the overall quality of life.
For the last two years, BetterMe users lost 467 000 kg, which is equivalent to more than 2,8 millions iPhone 12 or 840 thousand gold Olympic medals.
We are proud of the fact that 78% of users, who start a workout, finish it.
Keeping in mind different individuals, we personalize our content for different groups of people. The BetterMe application includes workouts for middle-aged, seniors, people using wheelchairs, body positivity, and family workouts. Moreover, the team is working on the creation of meal plans for people with special needs, like diabetes.
Believing in achieving inner and outer balance, we make sure that each client makes peace with themselves and their thoughts are where the real transformation begins. BetterMe encourages people to live a healthy and active lifestyle rather than focusing on severe weight loss or an unreachable ideal of a "perfect body." BetterMe’s global mission is to create happiness within. Our main task is to teach consumers how to find happiness inside themselves by engaging in physical activity, eating well, and being aware of their mental health.
We’ve been on the Most Downloaded Health & Fitness Apps list since 2018.

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