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BonusFlas is the first mobile app in the world based on card spending!
Card information and the campaigns are now in a single application for the first time.
Simplicity of the app and meeting the customers' main needs about their cards made it so popular that in two weeks downloads reached to 330.000 and activation to more than 71% which is very rare for a financial application.
It became 3rd on App Store and 1st on Google Play Store .

What is the key value propositions for our customers?

1) Reaching more than 300 campaigns and enrollment to these campaigns with a single tap without sending sms

2) Tracking the campaign status easily –by which transaction, how much bonus/miles/discount, when to redeem

3) Accessing to all card transactions and managing all card features

4) Making e-commerce transactions without any card info

5) Enabling contactless payment in Turkey’s big retail stores

For more information:

Campaigns: Campaigns are listed smartly according to the customers’ spending habits. BonusFlas offer customized landing page to each user like other personal social platforms . With a single tap, users can enroll all the campaigns without sending any sms and track their status in the campaigns like how much bonus they got, when to redeem it etc. It also enables to follow campaigns easily by making the campaigns ‘favorite’ and inform the users when ’ favorite brands’ campaigns starts. BonusFlas users can find campaigns, filter by location, seek on map and get direction as well.

Card Info: Customer can see all their card info like their available limit, payment due date, statements, future payments etc. together on a single page. They can pay their credit cards in a few seconds. Moreover, BonusFlas users can take a look at daily card transactions, skip payments, receive extra installments and increase credit card limit.
They can also control their card settings, like changing their card password, updating payment due date, enabling mo/to or e-commerce transactions, creating virtual cards.

Payments: BonusFlas users can make easy, fast and secure contactless payments with their android mobile phones via HCE. It also offers to all users secure and easy way of e-commerce payments :“GarantiPay” . If the transaction is paid by GarantiPay, BonusFlas users make their payments by only entering their card PIN to BonusFlas, without any need for card number, expire date etc.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2015 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Overall Best App of 2015

Price: Free

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