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The #1 reason why businesses go bust is they run out of cash. However, if you ask any CFO how they manage their cash flows, all of them will say that they manage it in Excel. CFOs across the world have been struggling to manage cash flows.

Cashpundit is the world's first cloud based Cash Flow Management (CFM) software. It is delivered on a SaaS model on a monthly subscription basis. What Cashpundit does is it identifies potential shortfall in cash balances in advance so that you can take necessary action to avoid cash flow problems.

Most of the existing non-accounting softwares in the market focus mainly on Sales, Marketing, Receivables, Customer Service / Support space. There are very few softwares that focus on Cash Flow Management. Moreover, most of the softwares that focus on cash flow management require users to either enter the data manually or upload the data using excel. Very few softwares can sync with the accounting softwares and fetch the data directly from the accounting softwares.

Cashpundit syncs with accounting softwares and fetches the required data directly without having the need to manually upload the data. The following superior features make the Cashpundit's CFM solution unique.

• Generates detailed projected cash flow statement on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Provides reminders to follow-up overdue invoices.
• Sends automatic emails reminders before and after the due date until the invoices are paid.
• Automatically emails statement of accounts to customers.
• It provides sales person-wise comparison of actual sales versus budgeted sales for the month and year to month.
• Projects cash inflows and outflows based on Sales and Purchase Forecast.
• Maintains invoice-wise history of communication with customers and vendors
• Provides restricted access to salesman to follow-up and send statement of accounts to their customers.
• Projects receivables and payables statements based on Invoice Due dates, Payment Cycle dates & Promised dates.
• Manages Post Dated Checks (PDC's) received and issued. This feature is not available even in ERPs.
• Provides list of invoices which are overdue but have not been followed up so far.
• Provides reminders to inform credit insurance whenever a credit insured customer defaults.

The Cashpundit App provides the following sales and receivables reports for CEOs, CFOs and CXOs on their mobile devices. These reports will help the management to effectively monitor their sales and receivables which are very critical for the survival of the business on a daily basis.

• Sales person-wise receivables. (Screenshot 1).
• Customer-wise summary receivables for each sales person. (Screenshot 2).
• Details of outstanding invoices of each customer. Overdue invoices are highlighted in red font. (Screenshot 3).
• Sales person-wise actual sales versus budgeted sales for the month and for the year. (Screenshot 4).
• Customer-wise sales for the month and for the year for each sales person. (Screenshot 5).

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad , Web App / SaaS Tool

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2016 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Best Business & Productivity App

Price: Starts $25 / month

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