EX8 - Exccelr8

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EX8 - Exccelr8

EX8, or Exccelr8, is an app extension of Ellev8, a Forex and Web 3.0 education platform. EX8 can be downloaded and utilized by current Ellev8 subscribers for $50. EX8 is an app and a platform designed to assist traders by sharing effective and efficient trades (Trade Ideas). EX8 utilizes the knowledge of experienced and profitable traders to deliver users "Trade Ideas" based on the detailed analysis each has performed independently. Experts will share the charts and their analysis with to determine if users agree with their analysis. If agreed with the expert analysis, users duplicate the Trade Idea into their trading accounts or enter similar numbers based on individual analysis. EX8 is meant to assist traders of all experience levels maximize their returns by eliminating emotional and psychological biases.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2022 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2022

Price: 50 USD

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