Facemoji Keyboard

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Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is the world’s first content-creation keyboard that allows users to find, design, and invent the trendiest ways to communicate. Offering fully customizable keyboards, including fonts and DIY themes, Facemoji provides users with the ability to create and share unique expressive designs, so every user can be a modern trendsetter in content creation and have more fun with their messaging experience.

Beyond its custom keyboard options, Facemoji also allows users to incorporate trends and pop culture references into their texts through text art and kaomoji – opening the door for further avenues of self-expression.

Expanding on Facemoji’s mission of self-expression and having fun, the recent launch of Facemoji AI 4.0 incorporates an innovative suite of features leveraging generative artificial intelligence to further elevate the communication experience:

- Facemoji’s AI Bot is an all-encompassing knowledge base that can automatically generate responses to users’ questions, whether it be translating text or telling a joke. It also provides a safe place for emotional companionship and self-expression. With AI Bot, users can have meaningful conversations about any concerns or ongoing troubles they are experiencing.
- The AIGC ReWrite feature automatically rewrites messages to help change the tone of messages and make users sound more fun and confident. It can also adapt messages to different text mediums, from poems to emails.
- The Rizz Keyboard helps users socialize with each other by breaking the ice and generating responses to keep the conversation flowing.
- Magic Avatar and Face Emoji features transform users’ images into custom sticker sets and avatars in various art styles of their choice like Pixar, CyberPunk, and Barbie. These avatars and stickers can easily be shared in chats, adding an extra element of fun and personalization to messaging.
- The Memes feature turns messages into memes, bringing laughter and flare to everyday communications.

With all these features, Facemoji provides users around the globe with a fun platform to inspire creativity and expression.

To date, Facemoji Keyboard has over 550 million downloads worldwide and is available to users in 190+ countries and regions for free on Android and iOS.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Lifestyle , Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2024 February Award ContestBest Mobile App

Price: Free

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