Instawork On-Demand Gig Marketplace

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Instawork On-Demand Gig Marketplace

Instawork is the leading digital marketplace connecting local businesses with skilled hourly professionals. Instawork currently supports work opportunities in a number of industries, including food and beverage, hospitality, retail, and warehouse logistics.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Instawork is able to match the right Professional (Pro) with the right business (Partner) across a multitude of position types, geographies, and work requirements. This intelligent system is also trying to optimize payout rates for both Partners and Pros to ensure Pros are earning as much as possible while Partners get the best value.

Instawork is not just a gig matching platform to connect workers and businesses. The platform also helps develop talent across our pool of active Pros. Using sophisticated AI, Instawork is able to identify the right training opportunities in order to continually improve our base of Pros and their earning potential.

Instawork’s key aspect of flexibility also ensures Pros don’t fall into the typical 50% no-show rate. Pros are encouraged and inspired to utilize and further their experience and skill sets to connect with businesses that need their expertise.

There are more than one million Pros using Instawork to supplement their income and gain the following benefits:
- Flexible schedules - work as little or as much as you want
- Get paid quickly - weekly, and for our best Pros, within hours
- Try new jobs and learn new skills

Instawork easily connects these professionals with thousands of businesses that need their services in more than 25 cities across the country.

$17.50-$19.00 is the average wage per hour, but varies based on the city. Shifts on Instawork often reach double the state’s minimum wage. In addition to the base wages, these workers can also earn bonuses and users can also earn extra money via referrals and other initiatives.

Skilled hourly Pros rave about using the Instawork app to find shifts in their area:

“Easy and fast way to make money and get work!” - iOS app review, August 15, 2021, Carmour5

“I love how organized and informative the app is. It breaks down the pay and the hows and shows how much you’ll make that day. It also gives you advice on what to wear and where to park. It’s really cool!” - iOS app review, May 26, 2021, Brooke Marcinek

“I have had so many great experiences working for great chefs at the most amazing locations. I was very surprised at the amount of quality work available, the ease of the platform that has allowed me to be very flexible to take care of an ill family member. Everyone should at least get onboarded - you never know when you need a gig to cover those unexpected expenses!” - Google app review, September 22, 2019, David Reid

“I just got this app but i’ve already been pleasantly surprised with the amount available! There are many opportunities within this app and it’s perfect for young growing professionals whose ideal work has a flexible schedule, a platform to network on, and a sense of independence!” - iOS app review, August 16, 2021, Hebslans

“Since I already have a part-time job, I was looking for something that could bring me a little extra cash every now and then. I love how easy it is to book a gig. The process of signing up isn’t confusing or complicated and the app works great for my iPhone. I like it.” - iOS app review, August 15, 2021, Tiarah H.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Business and Finance , Lifestyle , Productivity

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